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Sif Lance Complete by Celyddon Sif Lance Complete by Celyddon
Finally finished it (mostly).  Just needs the bottom of the hilts filled in with air-dry clay (for solidity as well as give more support to the connecting rod), and I need to shave down the connecting rod by about half an inch.   

The swords themselves can be seen in-progress in my gallery, but they were made from Featherweight's cardboard sword tutorial with a few modifications.  The core is a 30 inch dowel, I believe (I had to chop some of it off), inserted into a foamboard body with posterboard for the top and bottom of the blade.  Edges were spackled and sanded smooth.  In a way, I like the wrinkled look of the posterboard--makes it look like the blades were actually forged by hand.

The blades were spraypainted silver (badly in some places, I admit), including the quillions, which are made from EVA foam wrapped tightly around the core.  I then wrapped some of the wine-colored microsuede left over from the bodice around pieces of vinyl for added strength and hot-glued them to the hilts; the edges are baseball-stitched (can be seen faintly in the right-hand pic, I turned one of the swords over so you can see the back).  The gold hilt wrappings are craft foam painted gold and hot-glued in place.  The ornamentation on the quillions is posterboard, painted gold and layered for 3d effect.  The gold ornamentations on the blade are posterboard painted gold, and the knotwork was done using hot glue (which was then painted gold to match).

The two swords are connected with a dowel that drives partially up into each hilt; I am thinking I will embed rare earth magnets into the bottom of the hilts inside the clay to hold them together along with the dowel rod.  The dowel is fully removable; I left it in just for the pics.  The paints I used were Rustoleum American Accents Metallic Silver for the blade and quillions, and FolkArt 24k Metallic Gold for the gold ornamentation.  (I'd have preferred my usual Ceramcoat 24k Metallic Gold, but I'm nearly out.)
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January 11, 2014
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