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Erza Scarlet Robe of Yuen Bisento Blade by Celyddon Erza Scarlet Robe of Yuen Bisento Blade by Celyddon
So this is the third attempt at making this. Here's why: the first two attempts both snapped off at the haft right below where you see the white octagon ornament. When I make props, I test them by swinging them around, throwing them, bumping them, generally doing things to them that might happen at conventions to make sure they won't break under normal conditions. Well, the first two broke that way.

This one is different. I glued metal mending bars to the haft all the way up to the holes you see in the foam to prevent the foam from snapping again. Here are the steps I used to make this blade:

1) I cut the core out of foamboard, then spackled and sanded the edges to a smooth finish. I cut all of the parts using an exacto knife. The core is one big piece--the blade and haft are connected together.

2) I then paper mached two layers of thick craft paper around the foamboard; my glue mixture is 2/5 wood glue, 2/5 white glue, and 1/5 Hard Coat Mod Podge. No water. I put the glue mixture down first, then laid the paper down (I cut the paper in the shape of the pattern piece), then used a paint roller to make sure the paper was pressed nice and flat. I didn't want any air bubbles if possible. Then I painted another layer of glue mixture down, soaking the paper, and added another layer of paper. Then another layer of glue mixture, soaking the second layer. A final glue mixture layer sealed this portion.

3) Once the paper mache was dried, I glued two 5.5" metal mending strips to each side of the haft (the long skinny portion), starting at the tip and moving towards the main body of the blade. The strips were glued down next to each other to make one long segment, a 'tang' if you will, that extends into the body of the blade.

4) I let the glue from the previous step dry while cutting out the white octagons from foamboard. There are three octagons total--one whole octagon on bottom, one on top, and the middle one has a 1/2" channel cut through the center of it where the haft was placed. Basically, I made a haft sandwich between the octagons. Bottom octagon, middle partial-octagon + haft, top octagon. I used masking tape to hold everything in place.

5) While the octagons were drying, I glued down one popsicle stick on top of the lower metal mending strips so that the haft would have more of a square shape rather than a rectangular shape (and for extra structural support). I then duct taped around the haft, both to hold everything together and to provide a tacky surface for inserting into my PVC pipe staff. (That way the blade doesn't fly out when I swing the staff around.)

6) Lastly, I put a thick layer of glue down on each side of the blade, then glued the foam outer layers to the blade. The metal mending strips give a slightly raised appearance to the core of the blade, which has a nice 3d effect.

Now I just wait for the final glue layers to dry, spackle and sand the white octagon ornament, and paint everything. The haft slides into a 1/2" PVC pipe staff which I have also designed in sections for easy transport.

For reference, the total blade length is 11", and the haft is 6". The blade is about 3" wide, and the haft is 1/2" wide. If anyone would like the pattern, I am happy to scan and send it.
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September 23, 2013
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